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Welcome to the Live Your Age Podcast!

Hey foxes, welcome to the Fox Den! This is Live Your Age, a podcast for women over 50 who are ready to get off their ass and live their sass.

We’re Lisa and Andrea, and we’re so freakin’ excited to be bringing you this new joint venture known as the Live Your Age Podcast!

So you’re a 50+ woman and you’re looking around and realizing, hey, things kind of look different from this side of the half-century mark. Well you’re in good company! And that’s why we’ve started this podcast. We want to journey down this path together and help you lead an inspiring and fulfilling life! So join us, won’t you?

Who is this podcast for?

This podcast is for YOU if:

  • You are 50+ and you feel like you’re finally hitting your stride!
  • Or maybe you’re hitting one too many speed bumps…
  • You’re looking for holistic solutions to the middle-age mehs. 
  • You are interested in hearing interviews with inspiring women who have gone up against the patriarchy to shatter a glass ceiling or two. You want to hear the stories of those who’ve leapt over the hurdles of ageism/sexism/racism and have the scars to prove it. And of course you want to be inspired by women who have reinvented themselves after a divorce, the death of a loved one, or a shitty career in which they had no voice. 
  • You want advice on movement practices that don’t require you to throw a tractor tire across a room. 
  • You need a little nudge to put your selfcare at the top of your to-do list. (Spoiler alert: THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE)
  • You want advice on what to wear (whatever the f*ck you want, y’all), what to plant, and what to eat. 
  • You are eager to embrace a healthier, natural alternative to the quick-fix of pharmaceuticals.
  • You are wishing you’d handled you money differently – or that you’d handled it at all – and are ready to start adulting and wrangle your financial future like a real-live grownup.
  • You want to talk about sex? Holy clit, yes! We’ll talk about sex! All the sex. We’ll cover that topic a time or ten. 

The bottom line is, you’re 50+ and tired of not being heard. You’re amped up, pumped up, and ready to call the shots. You’re fine with bending some societal rules, and you’re more than okay with owning your age. So let’s make some effing noise!

Why listen to Lisa and Andrea?

Look, we’ll tell you right up front that we don’t have all the answers. But we’ve got moxie and we’ve got experience – and we’re here to guide you toward a fabulous 50+ life.

Lisa, why are you here?

I’m a women’s health specialist, feeling pretty fantabulous, and it’s my purpose to help women embrace their own extraordinary badassery through functional nutrition, ayurvedic medicine, and yoga therapy. 

I’m on the other side of menopause and loving it. Actually, I find it incredibly liberating. Yes, I had some annoyances with my period and a gazillion sweltering nights. And no, I didn’t have a blueprint detailing whatever the hell was going to happen next (still don’t, but that’s all part of the fun!). 

I’ve been looking forward to this shift, this exchange of energy and identities and roles. I embraced menopause and the mystery beyond it with a “full steam ahead” attitude. Honestly, I think that helped with the symptoms a great deal. 

I spent decades in the hotel/restaurant industry taking excellent care of others while completely neglecting my own health. In the last ten years I’ve said goodbye to hospitality and hello to holistic health care. Truly one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. This is a time of for renewal – mentally, physically, and spiritually. It’s a time to take inventory of our lives, and to have a fresh look at relationships, professions, the way we care for ourselves, and the way we tend to our energy. 

I am a woman of reinvention. And so are you. And I’m here to hold your hand as we trudge eagerly – or not so eagerly – into the great unknown of the rest (or the best?) of our lives. 

Andrea, what inspired you to start this podcast with Lisa?

I spent over twenty years in corporate settings and worked twelve years in the finance industry before leaving the 8 to 5 scene to strike out on my own. Now I’m a fiction author and a yoga teacher specializing in yin yoga and chair yoga. I’m also a 50+ woman who has dealt with anxiety and the fallout from chronic stress. I think I became a yoga teacher just so I could constantly remind myself to calm the eff down. I’m all about relaxing that nervous system, sister!

Each of us is unique, but we share a lot of the same issues regarding family, money, and work. And we’ve got a lot going on physically! Besides that whole MENOPAUSE thing, this is also the time in life when little things that used to annoy us when we were younger can now turn into chronic, nagging issues.

I’m in awe of Lisa’s knowledge, and I know that together she and I can be your biggest cheerleaders as we all float down this river of awesomeness together. Let’s get this thing going!


  1. Loved hearing your voices. Now that I am pushing 70, okay, 2 years away, but I am preparing, Still living my best life, smoking, drinking, snorting blow,, eating sugar, you get the picture! Just Joking! In December when I turned 68 several people asked me what it felt like to be 68, in reply I answered “Just like 67 except 5 pounds heavier. Looking forward to new episodes.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! We hope you’re kidding with the hard living, but just in case – we’ll have lots of healthy tips and loads of encouragement in future episodes! Go rock 68!

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